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Rollers ring-type toothed 10,6N-CCH-560 0.3 mm
  • Rollers ring-type toothed 10,6N-CCH-560 0.3 mm

Rollers ring-type toothed 10,6N-CCH-560 0.3 mm

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Brand:Завод Автотехнологий
Country of manufacture:Russia
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Rink ring-gear CCH  for crushing clods, destruction of soil crust, packing of soil, compaction to a depth of 7 cm and loosening the subsurface to a depth of 4 cm. The surface soil layers. After the surface is covered with field soil packing mulch layer of soil, which promotes retention of moisture.

Presowing compacting is performed for retention of moisture in the soil, crushing large lumps of earth and alignment field surface and soil sealing, which is particularly necessary before sowing of crops.

This operation reduces slippage and progruzanie supporting-wheel drive drills, which improves uniformity and stabilizes sowing depth of seeds. Posleposevnoe compacting - necessary operation for water retention and contacting the seed with soil.

Such contact creates favorable conditions for a more friendly and early germination, which is essential in improving the yield when sowing in dry and invalid wind erosion areas. Rink is intended for use in all soil-climatic zones, excluding mountain agriculture zone.

The working bodies of the rink are wheels and toothed rings. Relative movement between the rings on discs allows self-cleaning of the roller sections from sticking moist soil. The design of the roller allows its safe transportation on the roads of the general network by allowing his transfer to the position of any further transport.

Unitized rink made with tractors class 1,4 ... .2,0 equipped with a working hydraulic system. When the need for reconsolidation with cultivation soil hardness of less than 0.9 MPa is recommended to use rollers other marks (with a lesser degree of densification).

Rink is designed to operate in such conditions:

  • Soil temperature range - from 0 ° C to +30 ° C;
  • Soil moisture in the treated layer - from 14% to 23%;
  • Hardness in the treated soil layer - is not more than 0.4 MPa;
  • Saltwater soil surface (height of ridges) - not more than 80 mm;
  • On the field, there should be no accumulations of trash.

It is not recommended to apply fluff roller on soils containing dust fraction (particles of sizes up to 0.5 mm) greater than 20%.

Brand:Завод Автотехнологий
Country of manufacture:Russia
Type agricultural roller:Suspended
Information is up-to-date: 20.05.2019
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